In the early 1930’s, Cotton Carnival was born.  As the mayor proclaimed that “joy and gaiety shall reign,” The South’s Greatest Party began.  Because of its important commitment to benefitting local children’s charities, Carnival has also come to be known as “the Party with a Purpose”.  From its beginnings until the late 1960’s, its major purpose was to promote the use of cotton.  Later, Cotton Carnival became Carnival Memphis and changed its focus to saluting the diversity of the Memphis business community. Over the past years of rich traditions, Carnival Memphis and its Grand Krewes have seen growth and change

In 1997, the Grand Krewe of Phoenix began with a foundation of charter members who had been active in several of the other Grand Krewes of Carnival Memphis.  Out of a desire to begin some new traditions and to try some innovative ideas, they decided to form a new Krewe.  They chose the name of Phoenix because of what it symbolizes. According to Greek mythology the Phoenix was a bird that was consumed by flames but rose from the ashes, renewed and revitalized, year after year.  In that same spirit, the Grand Krewe of Phoenix renews and revitalizes itself each year with new energy, new officers, new royalty, and a renewed commitment to the purposes that have made Carnival Memphis such a vital part of the mid-south community.

Over the years, Phoenix has come to be known for its signature events including our spectacular themed Coronation Ball, our annual Karaoke Party, and the ever-popular Phoenix Games.  

History of Phoenix.